ePortfolio Thoughts:

While I will be creating my first ePortfolio this week, I believe it will be a great opportunity to portray my achievements, learning experiences, knowledge, and technological skills. Now all of these items will grow throughout my tenure at Laverne and I look forward to supplementing my ePortfolio with more great examples of my abilities and my skills. I am a little hesitant to put all of my assignments up on an ePortfolio because I believe only the most pertinent information should be shown to show employability. I have had teachers ask to put certain assignments up for an ePortfolio that I don’t believe is necessary for showing my employment worth. However, I could also see how listing all of these assignments would be great in aiding and solidify accreditation. So, I will use this Laverne ePortfolio as a starting base to fine tune and commercialize myself for future employment.

K-12 ePortfolios:

While younger students within the K-12 grade level may not be ready to think about employment, I think it is important to be able to see the progression one makes year-over-year. Having a student create an ePortfolio is a great way to do this. Not only will the student be able to see the progression of learning and growth, but the student will also have an invaluable journey of school time memories. The ePortfolio idea reminds me of a journal project my kids pre-school teacher had the parents participate in. The parent was to write in a journal each day and have their child bring it to class. Then, the teacher would add to the journal what they did in the classroom and different discussions that the student may have shared. I cherish these journals as a reminder of my children’s life for their first couple of years of going to school. These journals are filled with memories and pictures. An ePortfolio is a great way to continue this journey through life not only for the students and teachers, but also for the parents.

Journal Prompts:




ePortfolio Examples:


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